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Build IT

Constructing business solutions begins with a clear understanding of our customer's need. To tackle the specific project, we form the best team of experts whose individual talents are selected based on that need. 

Our Business Solution project managers supervises the project and team members. Team members complete tasks and report their progress during regular meetings and one-on-one performance reviews. The project manager summarizes activities in written and/or oral reports to our client. 

If possible, we test integrated solutions in a setting that replicates the client's production environment. Programmers or quality assurance testers check individual components, and when all components are built and checked, the system is tested. It is compared to the conceptual design to make sure it meets the client's business expectation.

Maintain IT

Over the years, companies have recognized the cost-benefits of outsourcing maintenance of existing IT applications. This enables a company’s internal staff to concentrate on new initiatives and application development while supporting existing, mission-critical applications. And it provides end-users with a high level of service. Business Solutions will partner with clients to deliver a managed maintenance service to meet these needs. 

Application Maintenance and Enhancement — Business Solutions can ease the burden on many company IT departments by contracting to maintain and enhance applications and systems it designs and builds or those already in place that need special attention. By performing these duties, our maintenance and enhancement services allow an IT department to focus its attention on entrepreneurial issues. It gives the enterprise an opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive, and still confident that systems already in place are performing to expectations. 

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