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Value-Added Business Solutions: Business Solutions personnel first meet with our customers to learn about their business requirements and expectations. We then develop a specific value plan that targets those requirements and expectations. We are proficient at both Waterfall and Agile development. Our commitment to satisfy customers and provide value is supported by these additional service features:

Application Architecture and Strategy: Each Business Solutions project is designed and implemented with state-of-the-art application architecture and strategy that is scalable for future development efforts.


Knowledge Transfer: We make sure that specialized technical knowledge is transferred to qualified client personnel through mentoring, on-the-job training and the continual sharing of information.


Project Management: We provide project managers that deliver efficient, sound and comprehensive planning results.


Recruiting: Our staffing produces high quality IT professionals with the skills required for successful project completion. These consultants have the ability to work with our clients to understand and meet their business needs.


Usability and Documentation: The internal staff at Business Solutions possesses a great depth of experience in this critical area of application development, and we commit this experience to each project to ensure high quality application usability, user interface, documentation guidelines and deliverables.


Application Development: Our experience in application development is state of the art. By combining the right talent, design and technology, we ensure that the development tools, practices and methods are the most efficient for the project. 



Business Solutions uses tried and proven software development methodologies, including a full system development lifecycle (SDLC) methodology and a prototype-driven Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology. Our methodologies provide defined, step-by-step processes that facilitate accurate capture of business requirements and the specification, design, implementation and testing of software solutions that satisfy these requirements in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible. For each project, Business Solutions chooses and adapts a methodology to best fit the client’s needs.



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