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Tyrone Adams, B.S.

Meet the CEO

The founder and CEO of Anysolv, Tyrone Adams, has almost thirty years of experience in full life cycle software development. He has worked in both the government and the commercial sector and duties have ranged from design and hands on development to project management and business development.
As a goal-oriented leader with demonstrated skills in software and system design and the implementation of information and data communications systems, Mr. Adams has successfully lead the corporation for more than 15 years.



CEO/Founder, Anysolv Technologies



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Computer Skills

Consulting Engineer – ARINC Incorporated (Annapolis, MD) PTC Simulator Development – Lead software engineer and software architect for development of simulators used to test PTC systems, including ITCM and other communications elements of PTC. This task includes development, installation, and use of message generation and simulated PTC component operation to test all PTC subsystems. This software emulates PTC message exchanges between PTC components, and validates message format, content, and stimulus/response interactions. This assignment has provided in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with PTC messaging, ITC Messaging software, the required hardware and software environment to deploy ITCM networking, and the message exchanges required for PTC initialization and operation.


Consulting Engineer: Client - ARINC Incorporated (Annapolis, MD) Automated Information Management (AIM) – Provide data communication and software engineering consulting services and project management support to ARINC Incorporated for the Washington Metro train control system. This task included designing and implementing firmware for a PC104 based embedded device.  



Consulting Engineer: Client - ARINC Incorporated (Annapolis, MD) Automated Information Management (AIM) – Provide software engineering consulting services and support to ARINC Incorporated in the area of Surface Transportation Control Center software and communication equipment. ARINC (prime contractor) and Anysolv Technologies (subcontractor) provide varies transit agencies train control software and communication services using ARINC’s AIM software package. Customers include Maryland DOT Metro Subway and Light Rail systems, Washington WMATA Metro, Chicago CTA Subway, New Jersey Transit River Line, New Jersey Hudson-Bergen, New Jersey Transit Newark and New York City Transit Subway.  



Consulting Engineer: Client - ARINC Incorporated (Annapolis, MD) Advanced Train Communication System (ATCS) – analytical engineering support for this OSI based railroad industry communication protocol standard. Lead an engineering study into the security comprises of this train industry communication system. Researched and made recommendations to the North American Railroads for incorporating an encryption scheme into the ATCS Spec 200 protocol. Technologies include DES and AES encryption along with an Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) management methodology. Also assisted in a comprehensive study and recommendations into the network addressing issues with merging ATCS Specification 200 devices with IP based addressing devices onto a local area network (LAN). This included investigating the specifications for a new gateway device to merge the two network typologies onboard locomotives.

Client - ARINC Incorporated (Annapolis, MD) Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) - design, develop, and maintain a Windows 2000 based C/C++ software system that is used to test the usability and performance of various IEEE 802.11 technologies. This system utilized various IEEE 802.11 wireless radios and other off-the-shelf technologies such as GPS receiver cards. Testing results were used by the International IEEE Standard Committee to select a version of the IEEE 802.11a standard called Road Access (IEEE 802.11a/RA) as the basis for the new DSRC standard.  This new DSRC standard will be used for secure automated access to airport facilities and ground vehicle location monitoring in the terminal area as well as emergency vehicle approach warning and collision avoidance. 

Consulting Engineer: Client - ARINC Incorporated (Annapolis, MD) Conformance Test Suite (CTS) – Provide software engineering consulting services and support to ARINC Incorporated. Services include designing, developing, and testing an OSI protocol conformance and performance test suite. This system will be used to support the certification and operational approval of the production Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) Boundary Intermediate Systems (BIS) and End System (ES). This system runs on Sun Solaris, uses many COTS and third party software packages, including Telelogic’s Tree and Tabular Combined Notation (TTCN) script development suite and Sun’s Solstice Network Layer Interface package.  The system is designed to exercise the following OSI protocols; ACSE, COTP, IDRP, CLNP, ESIS, SNDCF 8208, SNDCF LAN, SNDCF Mobile, and X25PLP. My role as Senior Software Engineer includes overseeing the design and development of the Test Station core processing protocol engine. Some of my accomplishments include designing and coding parts of the core engine within very tight scheduling constraints. Also performing system integration activities with team members from France. 

Consulting Engineer: Client – Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory (Laurel, MD) NASA IT Security Compliance – Provide software and system engineering consulting services, and network support for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory’s NASA sponsored programs, under the NASA Omnibus contract. Performed and managed the compliance with the new NASA IT Security Policy Directive 2810.1 requirements. Provided software engineering including requirements management services in support of APL NASA Ground Systems Software 

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