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Before making business decisions, you need to be confident that your technology is capable of supporting your strategic objectives. Business Solutions can make that assessment for you. Our team of business and technical experts will review your systems and software and will make its recommendation. It will offer you options that enable your organization to determine the best and most financially sound path to take. 


  • Analysis and Definition of Business Goals and Requirements Maintain IT  — We talk to your business personnel to determine how we can jointly analyze your needs.

  • Application and Vendor Selection —  We deliver an unbiased appraisal of software, hardware and skill level that can hasten and simplify the decision-making process.

  • Processing Reengineering — We are trained to analyze a company's engineered processes and retool them to capitalize on today's advanced technologies.

  • Technology and Architecture Planning— We examines existing systems using tried and proven methods for technical and architectural evaluation. We deliver a thorough assessment draft and written recommendations.

Review IT

Design IT

IT solutions are carefully planned. Our experts spend quality time preparing, testing and reviewing their effort before solutions are built and implemented. This design process assures our customers that they will receive the best results for the least expense. It is a collaborative step in which interaction with you, helps us determine the best software and architecture for the solution. 

There are two separate and co-dependent design steps. First a conceptual design defines "what" the solution must do. A detailed functional specifications document describes the overall functionality and workflow of the application, the user interface, the way navigation will be implemented, the reports available to various users, and the application's security measures and user roles. 

The technical design defines the logic of the application. It includes coding guidelines and design architecture. The detailed technical specifications document focuses on "how" the solution will be developed. It describes in detail the technical solution and relationship to the conceptual design. It also provides an overview of the technical architecture

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